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    D945GCLF2 Board - Maximum Size HD?


      Hey There Guys,


      I googled it, but didn't find the answer, what is the maximum HD size that the Intel D945GCLF2 board support? I have been using it with 1 Tb and it is ok, but now I'm looking forward for a upgrade, 3 Tb Seagate HD, will it work with the board?




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          Ziad Aghar

          For a motherboard to support a drive larger than 1TB it needs to have UEFI option in the BIOS "which your MB doesn't have". On the other hand, you can buy a larger drive format it into smaller partitions somewhere then install it in your system.

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            UEFI option? I thought UEFI was the replacement for the BIOS standard (evolution, new standard).


            This HD is not supposed to be my Windows HD, but a full NFTS or Ext4 storage disk, I would have to format it on 1 Tb partitions on another MB before plugging it on the D945GCLF2?


            I do have a PCI board with 4 sata's on the D945GCLF2, if I'm not mistaken it does support HD's up to 2Tb, not sure about 3Tb.


            Even if it is supposed to be a storage data disk, the D945GCLF2 can't address a HD larger them 1Tb?




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              Hello Takx,


              It is important to say that the UEFI is an option that allows the system to use Hard Disk Drive larger than 2TB capacity as bootable drive. When using a Hard Disk Drive as storage, it is not necessary to neither enable the UEFI at the BIOS level nor create partition in the drive.

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                I got it now, when you say UEFI you really mean the "specific" GPT (GUID Partition Table), which is the evolution of MBR and the ability to boot from a disk larger then 2 Tb.


                Ok, now going back to the original question "remade":


                Will a 3 Tb disk (used only for storage, NTFS or Ext4) work on Intel D945GCLF2 board? (4 Tb disk will work?) OS is win 7 64 bits.


                This information is no where to be found on any intel manuals I did read. On the internet people do say that for data disk it is not BIOS related (but OS related), my doubt is more hardware-related, I would like to be sure before buying.

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                  this is a really old board and not much info available now, believe 2TB should be supported, but not sure aout 3 or 4TB.

                  Suggest to try it first before you buy any HDD...