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    Intel SRT : SSD "Incompatible" after BIOS reset


      After some memory problems today, my BIOS got reset, disk access moved to AHCI, and I didn't discover until after Windows had booted.


      Problem now is that the SSD shows up as "incompatible" after the boot, and the accelerated disk is not in a good state. I suspect that the OS changed something on the disk when it had direct access to it, and now things are bad.


      Is there some tool to check the disk, and either reset it or try to fix the metadata on the disk? Preferraby a tool that can be run from a different installation, as I really don't want to mess any more with the disk (and booting windows again will probably do that).


      Also, the intel storage management program for windows crashed when I tried to launch it, when I still tried to figure out what was going on....