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    DH61WW not recognizing raid after BIOS update


      Today I updated the BIOS from version 35 to 48 then to 99 then to the current 117 BIOS in hopes of upgrading my CPU to a newer sandy bridge core I7.   Before putting in the procesor I booted into WHS 2011 only to realize my raid array was no longer showing.  Upon inspect my adaptec 6905 raid card is no longer being recognized by the motherboard even though it has not moved from the PCIx x16 slot that it was working in prior.  The BIOS does not see it nor does the Raid BIOS come up.   I have disabled UEFI and Trusted Boot as well as played with the video options to no avail.   I know the card works fine as all the green lights come on.  The card was working fine right up to the BIOS update.  Unfortunately I cannot roll back the BIOS updates so any help would be appreciated.  I have all my backups and data on that raid array.