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    HDMI from Intel HD 4000 won't work anymore! Please Help.


      Hi all,


      Recently I have been getting issues with my HDMI port on my laptop,


      It's a Clevo P170EM with custom specs..


      Intel 4000 HD + AMD 7970m (with Enduro)

      i5 3210m

      8GB RAM



      Basically, I am unable to now connect my laptop to my TV or any other HDMI device for that matter, I have been through all the settings, made sure everything is how it should be hundreds of times now and still no luck. It seems to connect when it wants to but not always which is useless, it now doesnt connect at all.


      All my drivers are up-to-date from all of the correct sources, such as the two GPU drivers from Clevo and AMD and having these previously, everything HDMI related was working just fine.


      It stopped working for windows 7 and 8 the other day so I re-installed the latest driver, it worked once then stopped in windows 7 after reboot, windows 8 still did not pick it up. I have tried re-installing the driver numerous times now and no luck, tried disabling drivers, enabling them, you get the idea. I have tried different fixes which i found by looking through forums and other discussions on this website and no luck.


      I know it's not my TV or HDMI cable that are faulty, nor is it me not having the correct monitor selected, the DVI cable which I use for my desktop works perfectly from my monitor and picks up my monitor perfectly fine, just nothing through HDMI.


      I need really do need a fix as I am not with my desktop PC all of the time and need a HDMI connection, whether that is for a tv or projector.


      I will be happy to send across any DxDiag information if requested.


      Thanks for your time and comments people.