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    LucidLogix MVP 3.1 Pro(Trial) Software

    Robert Burns

      So I'm trying to set this software up and have the newest pro version trial, but I'm not sure if it's working right.


      GTX 470 OC 800/1600/1800 (Primary)

      Intel HD 4000 - 3570k

      Asus Maxumus V Gene

      Pcie is set as primary

      LudicLogix Enabled in Bios

      igpu ram set to 1024mb

      igpu speed set to max. 1300


      I installed the Intel graphics driver and the MVP software which shows the connection between the igpu and the GTX 470. While running in d-mode(The monitor is plugged into the GTX 470) the igpu core clock never goes above 350mhz. Also I can't set any tuning options for the igpu in Intel Extreme Tuning Utility for the HD 4000. It shows up as the core clock being 350mhz in the system information, but no options to tune. Also when stressing the igpu in XTU the core clock remains 350mhz.


      Is this working as intended, or is there a problem with the chip/driver/etc...?


      P.S. I have the latest 4000HD drivers from the Intel Download Center. The iGpu shows up in Device manager, and windows shows the driver is up to date.