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    Intel Smart Response, my user story


      In an attempt to help anybody facing the same challenges I had when enabling Intel SRT,


      At the beginning

      - Fully functional and already installed Windows 7 x64 on 80 GB Intel 320 SSD (aka, no fresh install here)


      First steps

      - Installed my new 2TB HDD into sata 3 and moved my SSD to sata 2 connectors. Both on Intel chipset

      - Cloned the entire content of SSD over HDD with Acronis True Image WD Edition Software

      - Erased my entire SSD volume with Windows Disk Management

      - Download and installed "Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (Intel® RST) RAID Driver" version 12.5 from here: Download Center, ("SetupRST.exe")


      Switch to RAID mode

      You HAVE to switch to said "RAID mode" from your BIOS. So I did but as soon as Windows tried to boot, I got a BSOD.

      Long story shot. Windows seems to automatically deactivate any unused driver so, you have to reactivate the RAID drivers manually... easy!


      I changed these 4 registry keys under :





      (Seek for "Start" and change it from "3" to "0")



           iaStorV.sys?? - Page 2 - Windows 7 Help Forums

           How to enable AHCI/RAID mode in Windows 7 without reinstalling


      I rebooted and no BSOD what so ever. BTW, at this point I noticed a third BIOS "bootstrap" (kind of), where I could see my drives with a green state, but no raid enabled.


      Installing drivers and fixing Intel Rapid Storage Technology

      At this point, I just let Windows install a bunch of drivers and I had to restart my computer several times.

      Once done, I could finally try to open the Intel Rapid Storage Technology... and nothing happened. A weird complain about the Service not running.

      I had to repair-install it before being finally able to use it.


      Great surprise inside! Guess what? No accelerate button in the toolbar!


      Shrink and resize

      And this is were I started to pray the Flying Spaghetti Monster. User theeye3 had the answer,


      "Go into disk management and shrink the 2tb hdd. I just entered the shrink in MB amount to 10MB, and set that up."

      Re: Intel Smart Response Technology Issue


      That's right. Only God knows why but re-sizing my 2TB drive with Windows Disk Management seems to re-write the MBR or whatnot and the Accelerate button did appear in the Intel RST toolbar.


      Next, the perfect world

      Something that was supposed to be so simple as described here and there finally happened:


      How to Set Up Intel Smart Response SSD Caching Technology | PCWorld


      Now everything runs... not as good as when I was solely on my SSD but... well... damn.