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    Intel Visual Bios 2.0 Overclock Tutorial


      Hello everybody,


      I just bought an Intel DH87MC with an I7 4770k processor, I tried to find any guides on how to overclock it but I could not find it, the overclock page is this one below:


      15 - Performance Page


      How do I overclock it? Several of the fields wont allow me to change them, can any one explain me how to do this?

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          Hello Zambrini,


          We would like to inform you that the assistance we offer for overclocking is limited because it will decrease the life of your product, void the warranty of your processor and cause unreliable behavior. You can check our videos post on "youtube.com" or other internet resources for further research on this specific topic.

          Please keep in mind that when a processor is overclocked the processor increases the core voltage at the cost of system stability, power consumption and heat dissipation and may damage the processor

          Thank you for your understanding.


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            Thank you Silvia,


            But I already tried that and couldnt find any guides on the 2.0 visual BIOS, and not regarding that you guys could have informed that this: DH87MC motherboard didnt have support for overclocking. Now I am solving all my problems, I am changing the intel motherboard for an Asus one.