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    Intel DH77EB POST problems.




      First post here. I built a new system one week back. Specs are:

      Intel i5-3570.

      Intel DH77EB.

      Zotac GeForce GT630 2GB.

      Cooler Master 500W PSU.

      Dell 2240L monitor.


      I think the problem has started only recently but don't know for sure as it may have been there since assembling the PC. When I power on the PC, I hear a beep and then nothing on the monitor for close to 30-60 seconds and then the usual BIOS screen appears and windows starts to load. Strangely, this happens only on a cold boot up. If I restart the machine, there is no beep and no delay in showing the initial BIOS screen and windows loads normally. I don't know what version of BIOS i have, it is whatever was on the board. I have the latest chipset drivers, audio, and video drivers loaded. I have not changed any hardware since then. Can anyone please help me find out what the problem may be or is this normal?