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    Problems Connection to Wireless Network with ProSet 2200BG


      I currently have a Dell Latitude D610 laptop computer, with the Windows XP operating system.


      I use the Intel ProSet Wireless 2200BG.


      The wi-fi service I'm currently using, ClearSPOT wireless hot spot, I am trying to get rid of being its just plain lousy, so I signed up with a new cell phone company that offers wi-fi hotspot through the Samsung Galaxy S 3.


      The problem is, the ProSet recognizes and acknowledges the presence of the new Hot Spot, but will not connect to it.  I have tried turning off the Clear Spot adaptor, unplugging it, removing it from the room, everything, but the adapter still will not connect to the new hot spot.  My Nook can log into it without a problem, but the lap top will not.


      How do I fix this?  I have tried just about everything.nec