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    SSD Install and RAID


      I'm looking to replace my HDD (currently set up for RAID) with an SSD but keep my HDD as a secondary drive (set up for RAID).  There appears to be many discussions/blogs involving problems with RAID, and SSD/HDD combinations.  I'd appreciate any tips for setting this up correctly.  


      I want to replace my current internal HDD with an internal SDD (containing my operating system and select programs).  I would like to keep my current internal HDD as a secondary drive for other programs, data, pics, music, etc.   My current HHD is configured for RAID and my BIOS is set up for RAID (vs. AHCI). 


      Can I make these SSD/HDD changes leaving my BIOs setting "RAID"???


      My current plan is:

      1st Step: Install the SSD as primary with the HDD connected as the secondary.  

      2nd Step: Boot my desktop (BIOs still set for RAID) and custom install Win7 64bit on the SSD.  (No image transfers, a custom Win7 setup).

      3rd Step: Reformat my HDD and set it up for RAID1.

      4th Step: Install key programs on SSD and other programs/music/pics on HDD.


      Am I on the right track??