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    How do I control what happens when I open the notebook lid?


      Specifically I want it to change it to do nothing.


      I have an external monitor connected to my Fujitsu Lifebook P772 (with Intel 4000 graphics), running Windows 7, and I normally have it set up with output only to the monitor. If I close the notebook lid, everything is fine. But when I open the lid, it usually switches to output only to the notebook screen, which then messes up the size and position of all my windows (since it's 1280x800 compared to 1920x1200).


      I know this is coming from the driver, since the standard VGA driver doesn't exhibit this problem. I was able to reduce the annoyance of the issue by using the extended desktop mode. Then when I close and open the lid, it just switches back to extended mode so my windows don't get messed up. But I really don't want to do that either.


      I'm using the latest version of the Intel driver (3156), but had the same problem with the original driver from Fujitsu (2696).laptop