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    AMT Configuration issue, HELP NEEDED


      Hi All,


      When trying to run a delta configuration from the client pc using the following command ;


      c:\Configurator>ACUconfig ConfigViaRcsonly ****** DeltaProfile /Adminpassword ***** /WMIuser *******\******** /WMIuserpassword ******


      I get the following error in the log;


      2013-07-30 13:29:17:(INFO) : ACU Configurator , Category: HandleOutPut: Starting log 2013-07-30 13:29:17

      2013-07-30 13:29:17:(INFO) : ACU Configurator , Category: VerifyFileSignature: The file "c:\Configurator\ACU.dll" is signed and the signature was verified.

      2013-07-30 13:29:22:(INFO) : ACU Configurator, Category: -ConfigViaRCSOnly-: **************:Starting Remote configuration...

      2013-07-30 13:29:41:(ERROR) : ACU Configurator, Category: Exit: ***********Exit with code 75. Details: Failed to complete remote configuration of this Intel(R) AMT device. A Service Principle Name (SPN) registration error occurred.  DsBind: 1727 (0xc0003a9d). The RCS failed to process the request.


      Not too sure what I'm doing wrong here.


      Any help with this would be appreciated.


      Many Thanks in advance.