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    Provisioning Wireless AMT 7.13 Systems


      We ran into an issue on our HP 8200 Desktops (with 7.1.3 AMT) that have wireless adapters in them. We're provisioning the systems with SCCM 2012. The issue we found is that when a system is only connected with a wireless connection, provisioning fails and the wireless adapter is disabled. I think I remember reading something about this but I cannot locate it now. I seem to remember that we need to provision them while they are connected over Ethernet to keep the wireless adapters from becoming disabled. Is this a correct reading of it?

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          Joseph Oster

          As I see it, you may have two issues

          #1 if you are using an ad in wireless card, vPro cannot be configured on that adapter. Unless of course it is a vPro wireless card. These are not common on desktops as they use a mini-pcie slot, similar to what you find in laptops for their wireless cards .


          #2 In order for SCCM to provision the wireless settings, you are correct in that it has to have a wired connection for provisioning, which will then enable the vPro wireless configuration, if so provided in your SCCM configuration.

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            Thanks for the clarification on my issue. The WiFi adapter that's on our systems is an Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205. Looks like it can't be configured then. We'll try and arrange for them to be wired up and then provisioned.


            Thanks for the help.

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              Looks like the Centrino 6205 Wireless adapter does support AMT from what I've seen in product briefs out on the web. Now all I got to do is find out how to provision it.

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                Well, dig enough and you find an answer, I think. I Google'd my issue (Intel, you're gonna hate me but finding things on the site is really, really hard) and found a whitepaper from HP. It says that I need to first provision it via an Ethernet cable, then configure a wireless profile via the https page connection to the device.