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    DZ77GA-70K and 0066 bios version



      I bought a DZ77GA-70K motherboard last month. General, my computer worked good with an integrated CPU i5-2500 video and without any overclocking.

      My BIOS was the 0021 version. And I decided to upgrade it to the last BIOS (0066 version).

      I made an upgrade by F7-way from USB-flash and I got the upgrade finish message 'successful'.

      BUT, after restart my motherbord had bugs:

      1*. I could not enter to the BIOS by F2 button, F7 and F10 buttons worked;

      2*. the back-to-bios button and BIOS configuration jumper didn't work;

      3*. the motherboard could not do an auto motheboard select to the integrated CPU i5-2500 video (black screen was on the hdmi output).

      So, I decided do a BIOS rollback to another version. I inserted a PCI (not PCI-E) videocard in the motherboard and got a normal boot to my OS (without ability to enter BIOS!). I made BIOS update to 0063 version by 0063.EB.EXE-way from HDD. This BIOS version looks good: F2 button works, integrated CPU i5-2500 video works with auto motherboard select.

      * - Tested with integrated CPU i5-2500 video and with external PCI (not PCI-E) videocard.


      Is the BIOS version 0066 not good to use?

      Is the BIOS version 0064 is stable and is it recommended to use?

      Thank you in advance.

      I'm sorry for my English.

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          Hello  Microbash,


          The reason why BIOS version 0066 did not work on you system could be because your system had BIOS version 0021 and you jumped up to the latest version 0066.


          This specific model has 15 different BIOS versions, which means there are many fixes between one and another.


          What we recommend customers to do is to check how many versions are between the current BIOS and the latest one.  Then, depending on that, install or flash 1 or 2 versions before getting to the latest one.


          At this moment the system is working fine with BIOS version 0064, so it is not necessary to update the BIOS to 0066.


          Updating will be require if for any chance you start getting a blue screen when installing Windows 8 or if the Intel® Integrator Toolkit  stops working on Windows 8.