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    Intel E7500 Wolfdale


      Does anyone provide guidance as to whether or not an Intel Core2 Duo E7500 Wolfdale CPU will fit on an older Foxconn 661FX7MJ motherboard? Both are Socket LGA 775, but I really don't know how to determine compatibility. I'm afraid that my BIOS might be too old for the E7500, or that some other factor might prevent this CPU from working.  (I'm not looking to overclock or anything, simply upgrade to a dual-core processor.)


      I currently have an Intel Pentium 4 (2.8) CPU mounted on a Foxconn 661FX7MJ motherboard.  Needless-to-say, this system is a few years old. I'd like to keep it going for a while longer before I swap out both the MB and CPU, and go through the hassles with Microsoft about trying to use my present case, HDD, other peripherals---and my current copy of Windows 7. (FYI, I built a new computer last winter with an Intel Core 3 CPU---entirely new everything except HDD---and tried to use my current drive with Win 7. Microsoft wouldn't let me do this, and I ended up buying another HDD and Win8.  Thus, I still have this present computer.)  I'd like to upgrade to the E7500, but I'm just not sure it would work on the Foxconn MB.  Foxconn doesn't have an online compatibility chart for this board.


      Any guidance appreciated.  Thanks.

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          Hello RealisticDave,


          Please note that the compatibility between components depends on the system manufacturer only. You can check more information related to the processor at the following link:




          I strongly recommend you contacting the system manufacturer to confirm with them the compatibility between the motherboard and the processor.

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            Thanks, Kevin.  This computer---like all I ever have---was built by myself, from parts I purchased either locally or (mostly) online.  Thus, I don't have a system manufacturer to contact. Normally when I purchase a CPU and MB, I find a MB manufacturer who has a compatibility list showing the CPU in question.  But Foxconn doesn't have a listing for this MB anymore because it's a legacy board, long out of manufacture.


            I'm going to leave the post on this thread for a few more days and see if anyone actually has experience with this combination.  Pretty unlikely I know, but sometimes lightning does strike!?

            Thanks for your input.