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    Windows 7 Install problem




      I have a motherboard DX79TO bought a hd sata 3 SSD and I'm having problem in installing Windows 7 64bit, when I start the Windows installation, load the RAID drivers to identify the SSD after that I start the installation and in the second step (expanding installation files) hangs at 20%

      and returns a message "The installation was interrupted because Windows can not install a driver needed" (short message). I have the latest version of BIOS and install Windows 8 functioned normally, anyone had this problem




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          Hello Rodrigo,


          I am sorry to know about the issue you are experiencing.


          I wonder if you have the possibility to attempt the operating system installation with the SATA controller in AHCI mode (instead of RAID).


          Usually there is no need to load the drivers during Windows* installation (unless it is Windows* XP) so, you may want to try this way as well…


          In case the issue persists, please indicate:

          Is this SSD from Intel® or from a different manufacturer? Is it possible to provide the model or series?

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            Hi Joe,


            Thanks for your feedback, did the following steps:

            1- Change BIOS for AHCI
            2- Install Windows 7 normally
            3- Start Windows 7 and change Sata Drivers from AHCI to RAID (by Windows)
            4- Restart computer and change BIOS to RAID

            I did these steps and manage to get the two disks with OS (volume1 Windows 8 in RAID 0 and Windows 7 in SSD).

            The problem is that the dual boot was not as practical as to use the SSD have to change the sequence of boot.

            My SSD is Corsair F128


            Thaks for you help


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              I guess you already tried loading the latest version of the Intel® RSTe RAID (F6) driver from the link below.


              Intel® Rapid Storage Technology enterprise

              Download Center


              In such case you may try with a different IRSTe driver version.


              Intel® Rapid Storage Technology enterprise


              Intel® Rapid Storage Technology enterprise



              The thread will be moved to Intel® Desktop Community based on the product provided.