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    Intel HD2500(I5 3570) and ATI HD4850 simultaneous


      Hello Folks,


      i have a question, but beforehand my Problem.


      I want to use VGA Passthrough in XEN.

      There is a possibility to get it done with the use of my ATI as secondary Passthrough. And that is the easy way.

      To Achieve this i must be able to use the HD2500 integrated GPU in my CPU (3570) as my Primary GPU.


      Is this possible? Or directly spoken: Is it possible to use the HD as Primary while still having Acces to the ATI as my secondary?


      Thanks in advance


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          That may depend on what your computer or motherboard manufacturer enables you to do. Most of the manufacturers enable features as switchable graphics to be able to use to use two video controllers depending on the video processing demands, however this is one or the other, not necessarily simultaneously. So, you may need to check with your motherboard manufacturer to see if this is possible.