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    Intel SDS2 Motherboard Memory Issue


      Hello everyone. If anyone can help me out I would greatly appreciate it. I have a Intel SDS2 motherboard with dual P3 processor. Here is what I am experiencing. System would hang up. After restart, I go through the event viewer and discover the following:


      Event ID 26: Event type "Multi-bit memory error (from previous boot)" reported for Physical Memory Array group.


      At first I thought it was a memory issue. I originally had 2 stick of 256mb ECC SDRAM in Bank 1. It would state Memory Bank #1 is disabled. I then ordered 2 more memory to see if it is a memory issue and place them on Memory Bank #2. This morning it state Memory Bank#2 is disabled.


      Another Event ID 26: Event Type "Processor Internal Error" reported for "Processor" group.


      I am not sure if the motherboard is on its last leg or not. Any suggestion on how to resolve this issue or ideas on what is going on. Thank you.