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    Dell Told Me To Install & Update Intel HD Graphics Driver - Please Help!


      So it is currently July 27, 2013. I just got a pop up on my Dell XPS 15 running windows 8 that I should install and update Intel HD Graphics Driver. But I have an Nvidia Graphics card. If I install this update with the set up wizard, will it over ride it to a Intel Graphics card?


      Computer Specs:



      Installer I got:



      Installer Details:



      What I downloaded from Dell:


      This installed the Intel Set Up Program.


      Graphics Adapters:


      Why do I have two? An Intel and a NVIDIA? My graphics card is the GeForce one above.


      All I am trying to say, is can I install the driver update safely? Is it safe to update? What will happen? Please as I don't want to mess up my computer!

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          Hello CarterB,


          Based on your explanation it seems that your computer has switchable graphics.


          Switchable graphics means that the processor that is in your unit comes with the onboard Intel ® HD graphics and also it comes with the Nvidia graphics card.


          The system manufacturer creates and design special drivers for your system so that the computer can work with both cards and the user will be able to select what graphics card wants to use for an specific task.


          Updating the Intel ® Graphics controller will not cause any problem nor damage on your system since both cards work separately.