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    Encounter USB3.0 problem on Z87


      Encounter USB3.0 problem.

      Try to connect a USB3.0 Buffalo portable HDD, is not working. Only dim green light up on the external HDD only.

      If i connect the same portable HDD to USB2.0 port, it work fine. (Full bright green light up on external HDD)


      I do install all the update from gigabyte website and update all the fix from windows 8.


      I have tested with Western Digital 2TB Portable HDD and Imation 16GB USB3.0. Non of them work.


      I do test the buffalo portable hdd on a haswell embedded board with windows 7 and it work fine.


      Please advice.




      Model Name : GA-Z87-D3HP(rev. 1.0)


      M/B Rev : 1.0

      BIOS Ver : F5c


      VGA Brand : Asus      Model : GTX660-DC2T-2GD5

      CPU Brand : Intel      Model : i7 4770      Speed : 3.4Ghz

      Operation System : Win8 Pro

      Memory Brand : G.SKILL      Type : DDR 3

      Memory Size : 32GB      Speed : 1600

      Power Supply : 620 W