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    DX79.. and support for IVB-E

    Uros H

      Hi. With latest bios 590 this combination still does not work. I am trying to test i7-4960X on DX79SR but no luck with booting it up so far.

      Any indication on future bios release, when will it support IVB-E?


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          Actually the Intel® Desktop Boards with X79 Express Chipset will not support the Ivy Bridge-E.

          Could you please provide me the markings of your processor?

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            To say that I am extremely disappointed with this situation would be an understatement. The notion that Intel is currently not providing an update for the microcode in order to support its existing x79 series customers is egregious at best. I currently own many Intel boards including the x87 series as well as the x79 series boards. The reviewers across the web have voiced their disdain because Intel has not yet or may never provide this update for their customers. I am not sure as to why almost every third party manufacturer have updated their bioses in order to run IVB-e but Intel has not done it thus far. I am not even sure of the logic presented here either. IVB-e (4960x, 4960k, etc.) is specifically designed to run on the existing x79 platform! Why wouldn't they provide customers with the necessary updates? DON'T THEY WANT TO SELL MORE PROCESSORS? Perhaps not.


            A very disappointed Intel customer.

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              Ziad Aghar

              With all do respect but, could it be that Sylvia made a mistake when she said that?


              I think it's illegal to do that?


              read my pot on the thread below:



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                I'm not sure what "illegality" you're referring to? The PCI-e 3.0 support? Interesting. Regardless, Sylvia is correct with her information about the IVB-e and Intel manufactured desktop board support (or lack thereof specifically). One might assume that she is the "messenger" for the company. One can also note from the press release PowerPoints about IVB-e that Intel manufactured motherboards are not included in the desktop board support page. Again, I'm unclear as to why this is.


                More here:

                "Intel will not be officially supporting IVB-E on its existing X79-based motherboards, which is probably going to be a major disappointment to anyone who bought one of the boards hoping to upgrade CPUs at some point. Intel's board partners are at the ready, however. With a new BIOS/UEFI most enthusiast-class X79-based motherboards will support IVB-E, but some manufacturers readied new, more refined motherboards as well." From: http://hothardware.com/Reviews/Intel-Core-i74690X-Extreme-Edition-Ivy-Bridge-E-CPU-Review/?page=3


                And here:

                "The good news is that almost all existing X79 motherboards will see BIOS/EFI updates enabling Ivy Bridge E support. The keyword there is almost.

                When it exited the desktop motherboard market, Intel only promised to release new Haswell motherboards and to support them through the end of their warranty period. Intel never promised to release updated X79 motherboards for Ivy Bridge E, nor did it promise to update its existing X79 boards to support the new chips. In a very disappointing move, Intel confirmed to me that none of its own X79 boards will support Ivy Bridge E. I confirmed this myself by trying to boot a Core i7-4960X on my Intel DX79SI - the system wouldn’t POST. While most existing X79 motherboards will receive BIOS updates enabling IVB-E support, anyone who bought an Intel branded X79 motherboard is out of luck. Given that LGA-2011 owners are by definition some of the most profitable/influential/dedicated customers Intel has, I don’t think I need to point out how damaging this is to customer relations. If it’s any consolation, IVB-E doesn’t actually offer much of a performance boost over SNB-E - so if you’re stuck with an Intel X79 motherboard without IVB-E support, you’re not missing out on too much." From: AnandTech | Intel Core i7 4960X (Ivy Bridge E) Review


                And Here:

                "Reason the first: Intel motherboard customers need not apply

                One of the issues swirling around the Core i7-4960X launch is whether or not the chip will be a drop-in replacement for most people. If you own an Intel board, the answer is “no.” Motherboards from third-party vendors like Asus, Gigabyte, and MSI should be fine with microcode updates, but Intel has decided not to extend this functionality to its own products. The DX79TO, DX79SI, and DX79SR will not be receiving the necessary microcode updates to enable Ivy Bridge-E.

                To put it bluntly, that’s a crock. For 15 years, Intel cultivated a reputation for itself as providing a stable product with full support for any additional products that launched for that socket. We knew Intel was leaving the motherboard business, but expected that the company would continue to support its products. We’ve confirmed that the Ivy Bridge 4960X won’t run in an Intel DX79SI, even though a BIOS update was released for that motherboard as recently as last month.". From: http://www.extremetech.com/gaming/165498-core-i7-4960x-ivy-bridge-e-review-intels-great-limp-forward/2

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                  Ziad Aghar

                  We as end users, bought a motherboard written on it PCIE 3.0 & you can not sell only one compatible CPU "eg. i7-3820" which does not empower the PCIE 3.0


                  To sell a board with PCIE 3.0 & No compatible processor to empower the PCIE 3.0 doesn't make sense, I also think it's illegal, not to mention immoral.

                  So if the dx79xx only compatible CPUs operate at PCIE Gen 2 then why sell a board & pay for an option that won't be officially enabled??


                  Now tell me if I have a point or not.

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                    providing a processor marking number will enalbe you to add to the next bios update?, it is little effort required here to ask the bios vendor to add the marking number to the bios and send an update which will resolve processor identification in the bios.....


                    plz advice.

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                      Hi sylvia_intel


                      Thank you for taking the time to respond. Please do feedback to those in the position to take notice, that we are disappointed by this.


                      Up until now my support for Intel was great, but after Intel has "pulled a move" like this - you have lost my support.


                      This coming from a client who has bought in excess of 30 Intel CPU's in the last quarter, we will start looking at amd for future purchases

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                        Agreed. Intel is clearly not looking after its customers in this case. As a very long term Intel customer we have been put in the position of having to make alternative purchasing decisions for the future. After purchasing the 8 series motherboards only to find that the fans no longer spin after sleep resumption and not have Intel do anything about it (a well KNOWN Intel problem btw) is bad. What's worse, after purchasing multiple DX79SR boards, only to find out that Intel neither supports nor updates this product for IVB-e support has made us think twice about future Intel acquisitions. As prominent review sites have pointed out, the decision to stop support for a product capable of using the current generation of CPUs is extraordinary; and not in a good way. This is not how to develop trust with a customer base.

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                          You blewit Intel.........The genius that came up with this decision is an idiot.

                          support the processor microcode


                          WIL GREER