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    Emulex performance comparison with x520?


      Emulex claims that x520 can achieve only 5Gbps for a 1500 MTU per port per direction.




      Is this true?


      If so, in SR-IOV mode, would it be worse given additional VM and interrupt overheads?

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          Thanks for posting your interesting question to our forum.


          I can't attest to the accuracy of the data within the document you shared.


          What I can tell you is that since Intel's devices don't rely on hardware offloads in the NIC the performance scales with improvments in processor, platform and Operating System.


          With Windows Server 2012 we can achieve over 1 million IOPS with Microsoft's iSCSI initiator.


          The paper shows results from using Windows Server 2008, seems a bit odd considering 2012 is the latest and greatest Operating System.