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    Intel D865GLC BIOS Upgrade Problem


      Have a D865GLC mother board that was on a Linus system. Loaded Windows XP Professional.

      The problem began when the drivers were needed for the on board LAN, Video and Sound.

      On the intel site it had a BIOS upgrade for Windows XP that had in red letters MOST COMMONLY USED.

      I tried it and now when booting up it ask for a password. I tried every password I put into the system while changing it over and nothing works.

      The BIOS upgrade was - BF86510A.0077.P25.EB.EXE

      If anyone knows how to get a password for this I would appreciate it-otherwise the system is trashed and can't be used since it will not go beyond asking for the password.

      None of the F keys work either to bypass it-tried them all.

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