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    Intel hd4600, problem with playing video


      just got the new i5 4670 and its a good processor but i fell like it has problems with displaying hd video. When playing my games, I can put it on max resolution and it looks amazing. However when i go to youtube and put it on 1080p, it does not look hd. Even my movies on my hard drive dont look as crisp. This is wierd because the video games work and the moniter i have is a 1080p one so the only thing i can think of is the integrated graphics.


      I also installed the latest drivers.


      If anyone has experienced this and has a solution it would really be helpfull.



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          Could you please provide the following information:


          What are the driver versions that you have tested with?

          What is the model of the computer or motherboard being used?

          Have you updated the video codecs installed in your system and used other video players?

          Have you tested using other type of media such as a Blu-ray movie?


          It is not clear to me that there might be an issue with the video controller/drivers if the games are fine and it does not look fine on Youtube.

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            hey Diego,


            Firstly if it makes a difference I am using windows 7.


            So far I have tried two drivers, the first was provided by my motherboard which goes under the name of INF driver ver: it can be found here ASRock > H87M Pro4


            The next driver I used was from the intel website, Intel® Iris™ and HD graphics Driver for Windows 8.1* Preview 64 , Win64_15319.exe version : It says that it works for windows 7 in the description and was the only one I could find on the website.

            As for my motherboard, I am using the asrock H87m Pro4.

            As for video codecs I have not done anything with them but even on windows media player, video does not look hd. I tested this with a usb. I put one of my hd movies on it and put it on my tv and it looked hd. I then connected my computer to the tv and played it through the computer and it did not look as good.


            I don’t really understand what’s happening but hopefully you can help. Thanks Diego

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              Please go ahead and update the Intel Management Engine driver ver: posted here:



              And update the system BIOS posted here:



              Then test updating the video codecs installed in your system and try using an another video player.