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    HD4000 i3 HDMI to TV overscanning in Win7




      I have built a HTPC with i3 and HD4000 graphics.  Plug to Dell 24" monitor via VGA no problems at all.  When I move the box to my TV and plug in via HDMI there is significant overscanning - I am not able to see the taskbar.  More is cut off from the top and bottom than the sides.  I have tried several TV options (all with HDMI) and the same problem exists.  MyTV does not have advanced options for scale other than full screen, and the windows 7 resolution is set to 1080, so it is all 1:1.  I have searched loads of forums, including this one, and any answers, such as refresh rate etc do not fix the problem.  Screenshots of the Intel driver show some options, but these do not work either.  About the only thing I have not tried is to create a custom resolution because the driver warns me not to....


      Anyone have any ideas?  This is driving me nuts. Thanks in advance.

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          There is a scaling workaround option, which provides under scanned modes for HDMI display devices using 720p and 1080p video formats.


          You may be able to correct the overscanning by selecting progressive mode refresh rate and decreasing the Custom Aspect Ratio sliders from Intel Graphics control panel. This won’t work with interlaced modes which cannot be scaled and will only show the Maintain Display Scaling option.


          If the HDMI display device supports the 1080/p video format, then there is an optional 1776x1000 video format also available alongside the 1920x1080 video format.


          Please keep in mind that a supported System BIOS or Updated Intel Graphics Driver is required. Please contact your system manufacturer to determine if they provide a System BIOS/Intel Graphics Driver which support these particular video formats


          You may also check on the TV itself, to see if this has any internal menu in which you may disable overscan options, to do this, check with the respective TV/Display manufacturer.