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    HD4600 won't turn off display and other problems


      I just built a system with an Intel DH87MC motherboard and i7-4770 processor. I have a Samsung S27B970D display (2560x1440 resolution) connected via DisplayPort and I'm running Windows 7 x64 (SP1). When windows hits the power setting timeout to "turn off the display", my display is blacked out, but does NOT enter low-power mode as it should. Also, if I actually turn off the display using the display's power button, I hear the Windows "Device Disconnect" sound and when I power the display back on I hear the Windows "Device Connect" sound, and any open apps/windows have been resized and moved to fit what appears to be a 1024x768 resolution desktop. (All windows are now in the top left corner of the display.)


      I have the latest Intel Graphics driver ( I used the same display (also with DisplayPort connection) on my previous PC which was also running Windows 7 x64 (SP1) but with a Matrox adapter and had no problems with Windows being able to 'turn off' the display or screen resolution resetting when the display is powered off, so I think it has to be the Intel Graphics and/or driver.


      Has anyone else seem anything similar? I've contacted support and they now want to replace the processor, but I have a hard time believing that that is going to resolve the problem. And I'm also not looking forward to being down for however long it takes to receive the replacement processor. The processor seems to be working OK (apart from this problem if it is indeed caused by the processor).


      Does anybody have any other ideas?




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          Hello jnairb,


          At this point we have not received any reports with of this type and strongly appreciate the feedback on this matter.


          In the meantime, I would like you to do some other troubleshooting steps:


          1. Can you please test a different monitor and if possible with a direct connection to the motherboard ( no video adapters)?
          2. Have you tried updating the BIOS in your computer? If not, you can download the latest BIOS at the following link:



          1. Can you please a different power supply in your unit?


          Let me know the results after these troubleshooting steps.

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            I don't have another monitor with a DisplayPort connection to try. My monitor supports DisplayPort, DVI, and HDMI connections. When I connected with DVI, Windows is able to "power off" the display and actually powering off and on the display didn't result in the device disconnected/connected events and resizing of windows. With the display connected via HDMI, Windows was NOT able to power off the display (just goes black but not to low-power state) but I didn't get the device disconnected/connected events and resizing of windows when I did power off the display. I don't have any video adapter installed in the system to test any other connection methods. When connecting with DVI my resolution is only 1920x1080 (DH87MC doesn't support dual-link DVI) and with HDMI I also only got 1920x1080 max resolution. (I'm not sure if that's a motherboard/processor issue or a display limitation -- I thought the display was supposed to support the full 2560x1440 with either DisplayPort, dual-link DVI, and HDMI.) I also tried DisplayPort with the resolution dropped to 1920x1080, but that didn't make any difference.


            I had already updated to the latest BIOS level. I might be able to swap the power supply from my old PC, but I haven't tried that yet.