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    Sub-woofer problem



      I bought a bundle directly from Intel Distribution Center from the US (i7-3770K, DZ77GA-70K, 180gb ssd



      520 series) and built a computer with G.Skill DDR3-1600 pc3-12800 4096MB*2 fully i-7 compatible RAM , NVIDIA GeForce GT-220 and Seasonic M12-II 520w Bronze PS.

      I've installed on the system Windows 8 Version 6.2 and i have all updates installed.

      I have complete 5.1 sound system connected to a receiver for amplify the whole system.

      There are 3 RCA to PL(3.5mm) that connected to my computer.




      The problem started long before i've installed Win8, i always had problems with this audio configuration



      and i've managed to bypass this by installing an older version of Realtek HD Audio Manager and to configure "Speaker Fill"on the "Audio Manager".

      With my current system, i can't install an older version of "Realtek HD Audio Manager" and also i can't configure it on the built in "Speaker Properties" that comes with Windows, because i only have a checkbox for "Disable all sound effects" on the "Enhancements" tab.

      When i test the Subwoofer on the "Realtek HD Audio Manager" it works great, but the problem accures while playing music (I've tried a few players - I'm using Winamp)

      Help me please! i can't hear music without my SW ! :-\