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    Intel Modular Server shows all drives twice


      Hi there

      Just installed our first IMS, and activated the shared LUN add-on. I've created some 40GB partitions for the OS and the remainig 1.6TB I want shared between all servers.


      When I look in disk manager though, it shows 2 40GB drives and 2 1.6TB drives. If I look at the properties of the disks they are all called "Intel Multi-Flux SCSI drive" but they have the same name Bus Number and Target ID, but two LUNs, ie.e


      Bus Number 0, Taget ID 10, LUN 0

      Bus Number 0, Taget ID 10, LUN 1


      Not sure why that is happening, but it also shows the doubled drives during the build of the OS when you chose where to install to.


      Any ideas what I've done wrong?