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    So why is Intel Embedding Transceiver Ciruits in their IO Controllers

    Victor Mehta

      As the title states I have reason to know and believe that Intel is embedding trasceiver cirucits in their IO Controller Hub chipsets. What is a transceiver ? Well its a wireless transmitter and receiver alllowing anyone with technology to take complete control over the computer. This is sort of a backdoor trojan but it is hardware based. The  antenna for this structure is not far from the IO Controller (Transceiver) on the board. How can you verify what I am saying simply decapsulate the IO Controller Chipset (Chip) and look for inductors located at the top most layer of the die. Its that simply and not very costly.


      Why are all the new motherboads equiped with feature ?????


      How do I know this information ? Privileged information you can say.