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    Incorrect Audio for Intel D865GLC D865PESO



      I have an Intel D865GLC D865PESO motherboard. After downloading and installing all the necessary drivers from the Intel website, everything seems to be in order. I am using windows xp sp3 and in the device manager (control panel) and none of the devices show any error. There aren't any "!" or "?" in yellow circles.

      The problem I am having is the audio. The volume control from windows and soundMax shows that there is no problem with the sound, but my speakers don't seem to be producing any sound. The speakers are fine. I've tested it on other machines and ipods. I've enabled onboard Audio in the BIOS.

      Also, when I plug the speakers in, soundMax Control Panel says that there are headphones connected to the front panel headers (but there arent any).

      It also says that as long as there are headphones connected to the front panel headers, there won't be any sound from the speakers.

      Is there a way to disable this? The motherboard manual doesn't show any way to disable the front panel header audio.

      Any other solutions for this?

      Thanks for any help!