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    Trouble with DZ77GA-70K




      I bought a bundle directly from Intel Distribution Centre from the US (I live in Tel-Aviv, Israel) (i7-3770K, dz77ga-70k, 180gb ssd 520 series) and built a computer with gskill ddr3-1600 pc3-12800 4096mb*2 fully i-7 compatible RAM and gigabyte gv-n560oc-1gi video card. Since the beginning in early 2012 it gave me headache with sudden freezes and reboots, but i blamed it first on power supply - which i upgraded to 650W chieftec and then on my video card - which was probably buggy with initial faulty voltages which were corrected in one of BIOS updates. For several month the system looked fairly stable, but I did not stress it with video games or overclocking. Recently, after a long delay I played Tomb Raider and after 2 hours of playing, the PC froze and started to reboot recursively and being stable only for several minutes. However, I suspected the video card all along - even bought HDMI-to-DVI cable to check the video card independently. I managed to boot via native MB HDMI with the cable but after several minutes the system went completely broke: it would not reboot, no post, no video and even no beeps. I tried unsuccessfully with bare minimum configuration (mouse and keyboard in black USB slots, no SATA drives, one memory stick) to 1) flash CMOS by removing the battery; 2) reanimate BIOS using the on board jumper (1-2 position, 2-3 position, no jumper); 3) using back-to-BIOS button. The board is completely bricked!


      So, if there's a magic trick - please advice!

      Second, how do I RMA this ****** board or get my money back, considering the direct purchase?


      On a personal level I am completely ****** - this is my first and last Intel board - after using ASUS and GIGABYTE MBs for many years it is for the first time that I even suspect that my MB goes wrong. Would never happen even to the lowliest of intel competitors!