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    Unable to download graphics driver for Intel Hd Graphics


      Hello, I got my laptop about 3 weeks ago and I havn't checked for driver updates since I got it.Since I got it from BestBuy I assumed that the drivers are at a certain point and are not updated.So I went to the drivers page and first tried the automatic detection and install.It finished and told me this is not supported by my OS(Windows 8 64bit) and I would have to download the driver manually.


      I filled out the search bar with this.


      One result came up from the search and it showed this.



      When I click on the link to view it all it tells me is to use auto detection, There is no download link on the page to get the driver.

      The page just shows



      So I am really confused becuase it just points me back to use automatic detection and then that tells me to search for it manually and the cycle repeats.There is no download link on the page and I can't figure out how to download it.


      This is what my information is in the graphics controller.