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    RAID rebuilding takes all PC resources


      I'm running RAID 1 - using Intel Rapid Storage Technology


      When we have a power outage, and the machine is not on UPS, after logon we normally see "verifying and repairing" for about an hour. During this the tool is not consuming much CPU or memory. This is fine.


      However, we have seen a RAID rebuild triggered in a similar scenario due to power lose during a software installation. In this case, after logon, the PC is not usable during the rebuild. The rebuild is consuming excessive CPU - other applications are not possible to run. Is this a known issue with this version of Intel RST?


      PC specs -

      Win7 64 bit

      Intel I5 2400 (4 CPUs @ 3.1 Ghz)

      4 GB RAM

      2x466 GB HDs in RAID 1