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    E800 stalling


      I recently sent this message to intel tech but the automated response gave me zip:


      Entire system freezes intermittently every second or so for about 6 seconds. This happens within an hour from booting the system and with ten-fifteen minutes between them.

      I've eliminated the GPU, RAM and HDDs with various stress tests. A program called CPU Stability test by Jouni Vuorio reports my system as unstable, returning an exception from a Tprime module.

      My system is (and never has been) overclocked, and the system ambient temperature after 10 hours (5 stress testing) is 39° with the CPU at 38°. The hottest component is the GPU at 46°.

      I also swap tested the RAM with another set of the same speed (PC2 6400 2GB) with no change.

      Customer_type: End User
      Product: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo Desktop Processor
      Product_id: 2558 (E8400)
      OS: Windows* XP Media Center Edition
      Motherboard: Asrock 1600P35 Wifi+
      Issue_type: Processor Failure
      Bios_version: 1.0

      Processor_speed: 3.0GHz


      Anyone know what could be causing this? It causes my entire system to slow RIGHT down. Sounds stutter, the mouse moves 2 pixels a minute and then a 6 seconds later it's fine.