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    Need help in identifying/selecting motherboard




      I have IBM desktop model no. 8175-pq7, and the motherboard has stopped working so can someone please tell me which other alternative motherboard i can buy for the replacement. The previous old mobo. has DDR1 RAM and pentium 4 processor so please suggest me alternative mobo. for it or the motherboard which is there in IBM 8175-pq7 its model no. it would be a great help to me if someone could help me .



      Thank you


      P.S. : the old motherboard is not working at all

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          Hello Naivedya,


          I am afraid to say that the motherboard with DDR1 Ram memory are out-of-date by now and is very difficult to get one these systems.


          Nowadays, Intel® has developed several motherboard lines for every customer needs. At this point, Intel® is developing the Intel® 8 series motherboards that include the latest technology from our side. These type of motherboards support the processors with socket type 1150 which are the top of the line talking about Intel® processors.


          You can access the following link and you can search for the Intel® motherboard/processor you would like to get from us:




          Hope it helps!