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    Need help in selecting motherboard




      I have IBM desktop model no. 8175-pq7, and the motherboard has stopped working so can someone please tell me which other alternative motherboard i can buy for the replacement. The previous mobo has DDR1 RAM and pentium 4 processor so please sugest me alternative mobo for it or the motherboard which is there in IBM 8175-pq7 its model no.



      thank you

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          Hello Naivedya,


          Bear in mind that we are not entitled to provide a straight recommendation for a model or hardware combination. We are limited to provide general specifications of our products for the customers to decide the best option for their needs.


          It will be important for you to know that your motherboard and processor are what we called OEM products, which means these devices were manufactured specifically to work on IBM/Lenovo computers.


          At this point, Intel does not have motherboards that support Pentium 4 processors anymore.

          You would need to get in touch with IBM so they can let you know if they have a motherboard available to get this one replace.