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    E7400 Cooler


      I have a Core 2 Duo E7400 and need a new cooling fan, the current one is made by NIDEC but not available in UK. Which other brand shall I use for this processor?

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          Are you using stock? I suggest get a good after market cooler. How big is your case and other clearnce?

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            Sorry do not understand your query ref stock

            My PC is a normal desktop and I am just looking for a new cooler and advice on which one fits the E7400 processor.

            If I know which brand and model I can go get it!


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              Well do you want a new fan or a new cooler?

              The compatibility of the cooler doesn't depend on the processor but on the mainboard and the size of the case.

              And depending on your case I would recommend Scythe coolers, because they are very good, e.g. the Mugen 2 or a little bit smaller, the Ninja 2 or Katana 3.