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    DQ77KB supply problems?


      A week back, I completed researching the components for a new computer, and decided to construct a computer based on the DQ77KB motherboard. I was a bit annoyed to see that the DQ77KB had increased from £100 to £120 in the UK in the previous week, but I ordered it anyway from an Ebay vendor. Despite claiming that they had despatched it, it didn't turn up, and then today they suddenly issued a refund with no explanation.


      So today, I re-checked Ebay and found that (with one exception) all the vendors in the UK (and the US exporters on UK's Ebay) that had been offering the DQ77KB had withdrawn it. I checked Amazon and found that it had suddenly doubled in price to £240. Google Shopping (UK) had been offering multiple vendors last week, but the few that still list it now say they've zero stock. I've ordered it for £140 from that one remaining Ebay vendor, but I'll have to wait until tomorrow to see if it actually gets despatched, but given the behaviour of the other vendors, I'm a bit doubtful. This is really annoying because I've received all of the other components for the system, which makes it problematic to change my choice of motherboard now.


      Anybody know what's going on?

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          Update: Aaagh! I've been let down by 3 suppliers now that admitted that they did not in fact have the DQ77KB in stock. In the week that these suppliers messed me about, all other vendors sold out, the price has multiplied to £245 by the one or two that still offered it, and now even those now say that they're sold out.


          Somebody please tell me: has the DQ77KB halted production?


          I initially ordered that motherboard and suitable system components when multiple vendors were offering it. Now that I've got all the other system components, I'll be hundreds of pounds out of pocket if there's no motherboard to be had.

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            Hello Dave_Rove,


            We haven’t received any notification informing this motherboard is or will be out of production yet.


            These kinds of situations need to be reported to Ebay directly? http://pages.ebay.com/securitycenter/index.html


            The following link will provide you the list of authorized distributor located on United Kingdom. You may want to check with them if they have this motherboard in stock.  http://locate.intel.com/Search.aspx



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              Ah, thanks. So even though there does seem to be a supply crunch (in the UK and Europe, at least) at the moment, I should be able to get this motherboard eventually.


              Edit: As far as Ebay is concerned, as soon as the refund is given, then the case is closed. At least the 2nd & 3rd Ebay suppliers that I tried admitted their mistake promptly. But it's not just Ebay: all the tech price comparison sites had been listing multiple vendors for this board a week back and those have all gone now. The Intel supplier list seems to be primarily the couple of hundred suppliers of Intel processors.

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                Dave,   I found some motherboards available at Amazon, if you may want to check it out.

                Amazon.co.uk: dq77kb




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                  Thanks. Those appeared today. The Italian and Belgian supplier prices are still high, but nothing like as high as Amazon's own price, and the delivery times are absurdly long. I'll have to decide if I want to order from one of those or wait a week or two in the hope that a UK supplier will re-emerge.

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                    I already have one of these boards, and I like it so much, I'm looking into buying another.


                    I too noticed that it's in short supply, and those that appear to still have some have heavily inflated the price.


                    Scan seem to have it on pre-order at a reasonable price, should it become available again (they have an unknown ETA though).


                    Luckily I don't want this board right now, but I hope its supply increases again, as it's such a nice board!

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                      Latest results of my quest for the elusive DQ77KB...


                      There's a UK-vendor price-history search-engine that lists the DQ77KB called Pricespy , so I've ploughed through the websites of all the vendors listed. These were all out of stock, but some give a stock eta two weeks ahead, which has convinced me to wait a couple of weeks before trying an expensive importer, but I might discover that a "2 week eta" is vendor code for "no eta but I hope you'll keep checking my store".


                      Communications Solutions: £138, stock eta 08aug13

                      Primo IT: £122, stock eta 08aug13

                      Kingsfield: £117, no stocketa

                      NetStore Direct: £120, stock eta 06aug13

                      Saverstore: £112, stock eta 2-3 weeks

                      M4 Store: £126, no stock eta

                      Pin PC: £119, no stock eta

                      Comcen: £116, no stock eta

                      MyPremier: £112, no stock eta

                      CBC Computers: £118, no stock eta

                      MirageTek: £128, no stock eta

                      Paramount Ent: £144, no stock eta

                      Imperial Price: £108, no stock eta (when phoned, because website listed stock)

                      Amanet: £132, stock eta 2 weeks

                      Redstore: £128, no stock eta

                      e-digital: £137, stock eta 09aug13

                      scan: £110, no stock eta

                      Stuff-UK: £117, no stock eta


                      Two vendors listed it as being in stock: "Mavit", which has no web existence beyond its website and claims to be a "Google Trusted Store", but that seems to be false because Google says the "Google Trusted Stores" are USA only at present. And "ITX Warehouse", which also has no web existence beyond its website except for a single negative review at reviewcentre.com by somebody that had to make legal threats to get a refund for an incorrectly described item.


                      Edit: And "Cesis Computers" also list it as being in stock, but seem to be very new with no reviews anywhere that I can find. Their high-charge-rate phone's recording exhorted me to stay on the line while their busy staff would answer me as soon as possible, but why would they be so busy if they're that new? I put down the phone after a few minutes.

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                        My suspicion that the UK vendors quoting a 2-week ETA for stock of the DQ77KB would always be quoting an ETA that's 2 weeks ahead is being substantiated. Communications Solutions and Primo IT have bumped their ETA to 20th August, but the most reputable vendors like Scan are still saying that they can't get an ETA from their supplier.


                        So Intel, what is the problem at your end? The DQ77KB is listed as a current motherboard on your website, but there's a list of UK vendors as long as my arm that want to sell it, but can't even get an ETA. Why not?

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                          Dave, this information is handling by another department, but please let me check if I'm able to find something

                          relate to the supplies on UK.


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                            Since it seems that there's no UK vendors any closer to supplying the DQ77KB motherboard, I've started considering the Continental European importers, despite the month-long delivery time, and found that the news goes from bad to worse. E.g., the Amazon associate seller "Selling IT" claims to have it in stock for £152 ($233), but that seller's customer reviews for the past month are 0% positive, 8% neutral, and 92% negative, with everybody reporting faulty goods or non-receipt and the few neutral reviews giving them credit for refunding the money. I've never seen such dire reviews -- Amazon should be ashamed of themselves for associating with such sellers. Overall, it seems that the UK's many trustworthy vendors are saying there's no foreseeable prospect of stock of the DQ77KB, and so the price-comparison search engines are only pushing the most obscure untrustworthy vendors to the top if you search for those that claim to be currently stocking it.


                            Any news yet about the supply from your side, Sylvia?

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                              No Dave_Rove, I'm still waiting for information about this.

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                                A UK Ebay vendor with a high approval rating placed a DQ77KB on sale earlier today and I hastily bought it. It's now marked as despatched, and although I've been in this position before only to be disappointed, here's hoping that all will be well now.

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                                  Hi Sylvia,

                                  I have just been advised from a UK supplier that this motherboard has now been discontinued.

                                  Can you confirm?


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                                    Got mine. Phew!


                                    PPH, it seems that Intel are "ramping down" their motherboard business according to this article:


                                    Intel Mini-ITX Motherboard Shortage: What You Need to Know Logic Supply Blog


                                    Not quite sure if that means that new DQ77KB motherboards will be made or not.

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