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    "Blocks with media errors" - RAID looks scary


      Hello all, I have an Intel desktop board with the ICH8R/ICH9R/ICH10R SATA RAID chipset, and this morning it bluescreened on boot, and the rebuild is taking far longer than it normally does. I'm running of the matrix controller, and it's 2x identical 400G drives in RAID1 configuration.


      The storage console tells me:


        Status:  Verifying and Repairing. 7% complete

        Verification errors: 35 found and repaird

        Blocks with Media Errors: 834 ECC errors were found


      This concerns me a lot, but I can't find any information about what this means. I assume these errors are associated with a particular drive - which I'll certainly replace - but I cannot find any indication *which* drive is having the problems. I've looked all over: on the storage console software itself, in help menus, event logs, searched this forum, been all over Google - nothing.


      The system is unusable: it's hitting bad blocks that seem to freeze the whole system (though the release notes for 8.8 suggest it addresses this), but I have no idea how to fix.


      Suggestions, anyone?


      Thank you ~~~~~ Steve

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          I answered my own question: I was never able to find any place in the software to find out which drive had problems, but it's available in the boot-time BIOS.


          I interrupted the rebuild by rebooting, then typed control-I to get into the Intel RAID BIOS - it was obvious from here that drive 0 was failing. I replaced the drive, and it rebuilt everything without incident.


          Subsequently I updated the RAID software to version 8.8, and I hope it exposes the drive-failure information, but have no way to check since it's all working properly.