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    Upgraded old PC to a new one but performance isn't noticeable!


      Hi, just as the title says so i had an Desktop PC with these specifications: Core 2 Quad Q8400 2.66GHz, 4GB DDR3 1333MHz, ATi 7750 1GB GDDR5, 1.5TB HDD WD Caviar Black and ASRock G41M-VGS3 motherboard it was all fine but i needed an "budget" cpu with higher "GHz" because i am an average user so i can't fully use Quad-Core CPU and as we know Q8400 isn't that fast in basic tasks because of it low clock speed so i found on some forums that "Core i3 3220 3.30GHz" beats Q8400 in basic single thread applications and what i did i bought a new desktop pc with Core i3 3220 3.30GHz, 8GB DDR3 1333MHz. Nvidia Geforce GT 630 2GB GDDR3, 500GB HDD and GA-H61M SP2 motherboard and i installed Windows 7 64 Bit with all drivers that comes with the manufacturer CD, also updated all windows updates, programs open faster than before, i did an benchmark with PassMark and it scored much higher than before but the only thing that is diassapointing me is that when browsing to "Windows Explorer" for example opening "my computer icon", "opening folders" etc... they just open as fast as with core 2 quad cpu but in other hand when i clean install of windows 7 in my friend's PC which PC it has I3 550 3.30GHz cpu and 4gb ram when i browsed to windows explorer i remember that it was faster than mine, so i'm thinking that this has to do with "Intel speed step mode" because as i can remember i3 550 in my friend's pc it was running on full speed with means with intel speed step mode (disabled) on "3200MHz" and mine is rruning with intel speed step mode (enabled) wich means in non intensive tasks is running on a "1600mhz" core clock speed instead of "3300mhz" but still not sure, so i need your answers and opinions, thank you so much and sorry for my poor english

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          Hello iMet,


          Your new system appears to be relatively normal. Let’s consider the fact that when you open Windows* Explorer or different folders, you are accessing the contents of the hard drive and Windows* itself which is also stored there.


          Usually, the hard drive is the bottleneck of any modern system regardless of the processor clock speed. It is possible that your drive is fragmented, your friend has a SSD or better performance HDD, or even something related to the SATA controller you are using such as the SATA mode or its driver. You may try defragmenting your drive and updating the SATA controller driver, besides that, the AHCI mode is always better than IDE but if you want to change this setting in BIOS you will also need to reinstall the operating system.


          These are optimizations you can try but keep in mind the improvement may not be noticeable. General temperature issues affect performance as well so you may want to keep an eye on it. A SSD would definitively improve Windows* and data access; however, it is something that you may need to consider.

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            Very thorough and informative, thank you so much sir!