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    Suddenly usb keyboard and usb mouse stop working


      Hello all,

      i bought 2.4 processor with 2gb ram and 120 gb hard disk i am facing a problem,when i was on my desktop suddenly my usb keyboard and usb mouse stop working then i unpluged usb and then repluged it works, i am facing this problem 4-5 times a day i am tired to replug usb every times please help whats the problem

      1) Problem with Board

      2) problem with usb device


      03)need to change some settings


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          Hi Khalid

          first of all tell me which OS ur using and which service pack ur using as well, i never received tht problem ur facing but the problem i recevied u have already see tht enormous thread for USB Power Problem all of my USB port were dead suddenly thts why i had to send the board back now i am pretty much sure tht this time there is some huge fault in the board and intel ppl r still not taking it seriously and tht very very wrong my board is still in warranty and as soon i got back i will update the message how it working but for the future sake i still didnt know wht cause the problem and there is no reply yet for me wht will be the issue which make suddenly no pwer in usb ports but ur problem is seems to be tht it recogonized the usb every time now wht i want u to do first update to service pack 3 and then reconnect the key board and mouse again to the board on every port when it recogonized it fully like all the six ports and update the BIOS as well let see if its works thoug

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            Hi Khalid


            and also update your INF chipset as well for the mother board here is the link below




            i hope tht helps as well

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              Hi Simonsez

              thank you very much for your pretty information i am using xp sp2 i think you are right i will update my bios and install vista sp1 or xp sp3 let see

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                Hi Guys, I have got 2 identical machines built. I have got DP45SG board, 2 GB 1333Mhz Transcend RAM, 9400 GT 512 Graphics card, an USB Mouse and PS2 keyboard(connected via PS2 to USB convertor to USB port) using windows XP - SP2. In one of the machines I am getting the USB issue as described in his thread. When the machine is booting, BIOS can recognise the mouse and keyboard. When the windows starts, I am able to login to windows but all of a sudden my keyborad and mouse stops working. Even after changing the USB ports it doesn't come up. Previously when such thing used to happen after changing the USB ports (means repluggin to other USB port) it could recognise the device. Keyboard's Caps lock keeps in ON condition, while in mouse there is NO light.


                I Checked BIOS, the "legacy USB" and "USB" are ENABLED. In this condition when the windows is booted and keyboard and mouse is not working, I tried to connect the USB Pen Drive to one of the port. The light of the USB drive is ILLUMINATED so the USB drive is up. If I remove this drive and try to connect mouse to same port , still the mouse light is OFF and it is NOT Recognised. This is the observation that if I install XP and try to install Audio Drivers that comes with Intel Board CD, this problem also comes during and after installation of audio drivers.


                I wonder if it's really that USB losing power, or there is something else to it? Any Intel Guy pls help to resolve the issue ASAP