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    DG41TY Doesn't shut down


      Hi, My english is not so well. But I will try to explain this the better I can.


      I bought a DG41TY, I armed my PC by myself, I had already Ubuntu (LInux) installed on main HDD so I haden't to install an OS, Ok the problem is that when I try to shut down from the Os, It trys to Shut down but then it restarts, I mean it shuts down like for 0.5 ms then it restarts. I think I placed well the frontpanel conectors becouse I can shut it down or restart by using the front buttons.


      ANother Question my processor went to 90 ºC and the motherboard didn't shut down the system Why? O_O

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          Hi there,


          Normally if you change motherboard or upgrade the motherboard it is always recommended to re-install the operating system and all drivers properly. If you use the same operating system that is already installed onto your hard drive, it will work but your system will be unstable and you may expect any kind of unusual behavior.


          So, I would recommend you to re-install the operating system from the beginning.


          Concerning the cpu, which cpu are you using?

          Where are you reading the temperature?

          Which memory model are you using?

          Which bios version do you have on the board?


          Also make sure the settings in bios are set to defaults.


          Let me know I see what else I can advise you.



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            My processor is an E7400 Core 2 duo 2.8Ghz new, about the bios it's the default. And about linux, Ubuntu is an Os that autodetects your hardware and it activates or desactivates the drivers.

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              Hi there,


              Yes, about the Linux OS, i do agree with you, but windows also has this 'plug-n-play' feature, but still everytime you change the motherboard to a different one, you have to re-install the operating system just to prevent any strange behaviour of the system. The only time that you may not need to re-install the operatin system is if you replaced the motherboard with a same model of board having the same revision number as the one before. Any other hardware you change, does not require OS re-installation.


              But if you have re-installed the OS (clean install from beginning) and problem remains then you can clearing the cmos by taking off the motherboard battery and put it back after 15-20 minutes. Then, update (re-update if you already have latest one) the bios to the latest.


              Download the bios from the following link and follow the instructions carefully of how to do it: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&Inst=Yes&ProductID=3030&DwnldID=17493&strOSs=38&OSFullName=OS%20Independent&lang=eng

              Instructions: http://downloadmirror.intel.com/17493/eng/BIOS%20Update%20Readme.pdf


              Note: Please try either the recovery method or the iflash method rather than the other methods.


              After the bios update, go to bios by pressing F2 during post when prompted and then load the default settings, then save settings and exit.


              Let me know how it goes.



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                Ok thanks. I got this problem on linux (I didn't test on Wndows) I will reintall everything on this week, thank you so much. I will post back If I keep having problems.

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                  I have a question, WHy the box says that I can have 8Gb of ram if I just have 2 slots for ram O_o

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                    Hi there,


                    The board can support upto 8GB of memory if you use 2 x 4GB modules. However currently there are no tested 4GB memory moduls for this board yet. They will definitely come in the future.


                    Or there are many 4GB modules out there in the market which you can go for as long as it satisfy all the memory requirements for this motherboard: