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    Intel P55WB random power boot!!


      Ok I have this problem for the last 2 years since I upgraded the bios for my P55WB.

      My PC boot by itself for no reason!

      I thought like some people told me that it's the PSU but I changed it last week with a brand new XFX,so it's not the PSU.

      Some people told me that perhaps the PC's case power button is broken or something,I replaced the case as well with a new Thermaltake.

      Another option was to disable wake on LAN but right now I don't have any network cable plugged nor wake on Lan ON.

      So it's obviously the motherboard!

      I upgraded to the latest bios but still no joy.

      I even changed my graphic card but the problem was still here.

      So how can I fix this damn problem??boot start