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    D865GLC SATA drivers?


      I have a D865GLC motherboard with XP installed on an IDE drive, which works fine.


      However, I'm about to replace the drive with a SATA one on which I want to install XP Home (using SP1a slipstreamed with SP3). I'm led to believe, from reading posts elsewhere, that I may need to press F6 during the install and provide a floppy containing SATA drivers. I've scoured the Intel site but can find no sign of any such drivers.


      Assuming they actually exist, can anybody tell me where they can be obtained please? If they don't exist how am I supposed to install XP?


      Many thanks for any advice

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          Hi there,


          Actually the F6 drivers is only required if you are using RAID. However this motherboard does not support RAID, so you do not have to worry anything about drivers for SATA. But a thing to point out is if you are using SATA drives, you should use at least Windows XP with Service Pack 2. If it's only Win XP SP1a, it will not work, you will get blue screen during installation.


          But in your case, since you have slipstreamed it with the SP3 pack, I don't think it would be a problem. If you are getting blue screen during installation, they probably the slipstreamed has not been done properly, and you may need to try to recreate the slipstreamed installation of the windows. Initially I would recommend to try with SP2 then after installation, update to SP3.



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            OK, thanks for those reassuring words. Hopefully then it will work without needing any drivers. Unfortunately, I don't have SP2 so it'll have to be SP1a slipstreamed with SP3. If that should fail, would it be worth trying SP1a slipstreamed with SP2? (I suspect the answer is almost certainly no).



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              I don't think it will not work. Normally to use SP3 you should have at least service pack 1a (which is fine in your case). In case you find any problem, you may check this link to download the approprite service pack separately: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/322389