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    DH77EB BIOS EBH7710H.86A.0101.2013.0516.1649 doesn't have the option to change IGD video memory (IGD DVMT)



      I am using an intel Core i7 3770 @3.4GHz on a DH77EB motherboard together with a total RAM of 8GB @ 1600MHz. Updated to the latest BIOS EBH7710H.86A.0101.2013.0516.1649 recently and video driver ver. is installed and up to date. When I checked the system info the minimum graphics memory dedicated is detected as 64MB and total graphics memory available is shown as 1696MB (in systemrequirementslab.com, GTA 4 episodes from liberty city game and even the previous video driver reported the minimum graphics memory as 64MB)


      The problem popped up when I tried to play GTA IV Episodes from Liberty City. The game ran but only at 800x600 resolution and its not letting me change any of the graphics settings indicating that there is only 64MB video memory and it currently will require around 256 MB of graphics. When I searched online many people are playing the game by changing the graphics memory allotted to 1024MB in the BIOS and this makes the game detect the dedicated graphics memory as 1024MB.


      But to my surprise this setting is not present in the BIOS I am using now. I can't adjust the video memory size in the BIOS because of this. When I looked up on intel's product support page I found the BIOS features Glossary document PDF. Checked in it and it says that there is an option such as IGD DVMT in the BIOS which will let me do this. But in my case I couldn't find it in the BIOS after searching it 3 times in every possible way.


      Did intel forget to put this feature in the latest BIOS ?

      Is there any way to change the graphics memory to a dedicated 1024MB instead of 64MB ?

      I have seen other manufacturers such as ASUS and AsRock offering this feature in their BIOS.

      Pls help.