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    CPU Speed


      Hi, I recently ran a CPU-Z test to see my CPU's performance, and the test says the core speed of the processor is only at 2HGz, I own a E8400 so shouldn't it be 3000Hz???

      Thank you in advance.

      p.s i have not tried OC'n the processor.





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          probably a motherboard misconfiguration or faulty cpu (less likely).



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            Is normal, your cpu is cutting down the multiplier to save power, it's intel speed step and C1E halt state feature. Go in to your bios and disable both speed step and C1E. Example I have an nforce Evga 780i board and have this option to disable mine since I'm overclocking.

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              Yes indeed SpeedStep reduces the speed of the CPU when not in use but it goes back up when the CPU is loaded again.

              There is a chance that you may need to select the Vista Power Profile "High Performance". I have see other power options such as "power saver" can limit the speed of the CPU (doesn't go up or down).



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                Thank you both for your help.

                Well even if the processor is running at 90-100% core speed remains the same (at 2000Mhz)


                Some folks at another forum asked me to change the multiplier value to 9. When i did it, the cpu core was running at 3GHz, but the temprature of the cpu went up (55c). I am using the stock cooler


                im using GA-73PVM-S2H mobo so, the processor is supported.

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                  very strange indeed. the motherboard should be regulating the multiplier automatically.

                  you sure this board is healthy?