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    DQ77MK and integrated graphics




      i bought a DQ77MK and an i5-3570T but get into trouble while booting. Boot screens will show up and after a few seconds the board switch off and on again. After talking to Intel support i got the information the i5-3570T is not supported by this board, bad luck. I bought a G2020 instead and a Gigabyte board which does support the i6-3570T. Same problem with both combinations, so i switched RAM and power supply. I checked Debian Linux, which is my favourite system i would like to install, sysrescd and Windows 7. Windows 7 run a little bit longer but after 60sec there is the same result, boards does switch off and on again.


      I tried a lot of things and now i get the DQ77MK working with using a dedicated graphic card. What could be the problem with the integrated graphic? I know there were problems with older kernel versions but the sysrescd use 3.8 which should support Ivy bridge.


      Any ideas how i could get it running with internal graphic?


      Cheers, Claus