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    X58 - 520 SSD Raid0 and optimization Win 8.1

    G Scott Habermaas

      I have a Gigabyte GA X58 UD3R version 1 with a pair of Intel 520 120Gb SSD on my Intel Sata2 controller. I have the latest BIOS from Gigabyte as well as the latest chipset and RST from Intel.


      When I first installed Windows 8.1, my array identified as a hard drive in the optimization tool and Windows wanted to defrag my SSDs. After an internet search I found that if I ran the command WinSAT diskformal from the shell line it fixed this.


      I went to optimize my SSD the message change from needing optimization to optimization not available. As I recall that was the same message I got in Win8. I have downloaded Intel SSD Toolbox and it states that optimization is not supported in Win8 or Server 2008. The optimization appears to be functional in Windows 7.


      My question is this: can I get my SSDs to optimize in Windows 8.1 and if not how long before my SSDs grind to a halt?