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    Motherboard DH77DF can't activate MSI-X




      I've tried countless option in the BIOS, and no particular option allowed me to activate MSI-X (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Message_Signaled_Interrupts).

      It seem to be a motherboard related problem, as all the hardware move into an other computer manage to activate MSI-X.


      Without MSI-X I'm getting way too much interrupts, which make my CPU die under interrupts. My NIC is bombarding the CPU of interrupts.

      I've done more than 3days of testing different kind of setup, be it under BIOS settings or OS setting. This motherboard just don't allow MSI-X at all.

      I've resorted to an old motherboard (6-7years old), which is doing better than this DH77DF just because of the MSI-X.

      I'm expecting it to be fixed by Intel or told that this motherboard can't do something that is a standard since more than 8years.


      I need a clear answer about this motherboard been able to do it's job, or not.