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    Replaced my intel SSD with a HDD (Moved intel SSD to another computer) and now readyboost will not work with HDD?




           I'm hoping someone can help me with this. I removed a Intel X-25M (34nm) from a netbook and replaced it with a HDD. Both the superfetch and the readyboost were disabled. After much web searching, I finally determined how to turn back on the superfetch. (It had to be done through the registry. Simply going into superfetch under services would not work!) SuperFetch is now operating but I'm still getting an odd message on the readyboost tab for any memory card that I place into the netbook. ("Readyboost is not enabled on this computer because the system disk is fast enough that readyboost is unlikely to provide additional benefit") I know this is wrong because I use to use readyboost in this netbook with this HDD before I put the SSD into the netbook. There may be a registry edit to allow the readyboost to work again.


           I've tried every obvious answer.

           -Removed Intel tool box and cleaned registry.

           -Removed and re-run the Windows Experience Index.

           -Deleted the readyboost and superfetch files on the computer.

           -Several edits to the registry "SysMain" area per suggestions.


      ....It should be noted that there are several references on line of people with this same issue. No one has come up with a working fix other then re-installing the entire operating system.


      Thanks for any help.